My name is An Nguyen. I worked as a UI/UX Designer with nearly 6 years of experience, currently venturing into Product Design.
I’m also an instructor for the basic web UI course @Keyframe Training


My treasure

I have loving, dedicated, responsible parents, and long-term loyal true friends. How wealthy I am!

3 ugly cats

Getting the cats well-fed and happy is my source of energy, which really pushes me to work harder. Above are the portraits of my naughty cats.

Web design

I build the website. I believe that nice interface is important, good experience is powerful, and connecting the brands to the hearts of their consumers is the final destination.

Signature smile

I take great care of my teeth so I usually smile
to show it off, haha.

Old sad songs

My childhood is associated with sad songs
from my dad’s cassette tapes. I like to sing those songs to the crowd when I’m in Hoian.

All of my skills and services focus on building a tailor-made website.

I create websites with the human touch. Proudly. Joyfully. Every single screen!

I always open to new challenges. If you want to start a website project, feel free to reach me at:

User interface design

A clear and compelling website will strengthen your business and let you reach a greater online presence.

  • Corporate website design
  • E-commerce user interfaces
  • Information architecture
  • Responsive web design

Logo & brand identities

I design logo and strong visual identity system that adapt to your business and website.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Brand guidelines